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Santa Lucia 500 piece puzzle

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500 piece puzzle from Penny Puzzle called Santa Lucia

Santa Lucia is a unique Christmas puzzle that reminds us of the brighter times that follow the dark winter. On December 13, it is tradition, especially in Denmark and Sweden, that the town's children go to the Lucia procession dressed entirely in white.

The Lucia bride walks in front with a wreath of candles on her head, and behind her walks a beautiful retinue, all of whom carry candles.

Discover lots of small, cozy details hidden in the bushes and thickets. Can you find the squirrel and the owl?

And the children? Yes, they actually sing Santa Lucia.

The Santa Lucia Christmas puzzle has 500 lovely thick pieces with a matte surface and a perfect fit, so you can enjoy how they lock into each other as the beautiful Christmas motif takes shape.

Number of pieces: 500 pieces
Size of finished puzzle: 34cm x 48cm
Box size: 33.5 cm x 23.5 cm x 4.5 cm
Picture of the whole puzzle motif down in the box: Yes
Illustrated by Gaia Marfurt
Made in Europe