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Nyhavn 1000 piece puzzle

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1000 piece puzzle Nyhavn from Penny Puzzle

Nyhavn is the puzzle where you can experience the old houses and local residents up close, while Copenhagen slowly wakes up. People are on their way to work, children are being cycled to kindergarten and the street musicians are warming up their voices and instruments.

Enjoy the calm atmosphere and a bit of Copenhagen's soul in this very popular neighborhood in the middle of the capital, which in the evening is the center of party and colour. It's almost like being there yourself.

The Nyhavn puzzle has 1000 matte thick pieces, and it is guaranteed to be a wonderful challenge for the whole family.

An A4 poster is included to put the puzzle on.

Dimensions: 48 x 68 cm
Age: 7-99 years
Design: Bettina Cronquist
Contains: 1000 pieces and a print with the entire puzzle motif
Delivered in a very beautiful box, which measures 23 x 32 x 5 cm
Illustrated by Nicolle Lalonde
Made in Europe